BJN History

The Brazilian Journal of Nephrology (Jornal Brasileiro de Nefrologia) is the official publication of the Brazilian Society of Nephrology and has been published since 1979. It is an open-access Journal, peer reviewed, published quarterly and indexed in Medline and sCielo. The Journal is published on line in English with a PDF Portuguese version of every article. A printed version in English is also available for subscribers on request. Articles outside Brazil have to be submitted in English.

Original articles, review articles, case reports, letters to the Editor in the Nephrology and Renal Transplantion area are welcome.

Previous Editors
Prof. Dr. José Augusto Barbosa de Aguiar (in memorian)- 1979-1981
Prof. Dr. César Costa - 1982
Prof. Dr. Emil Sabbaga - 1983-1984
Prof. Dr. José Francisco Figueiredo-1985-1989
Prof. Dr. Horácio Ajzen-1990-1993 (in memorian)
Prof. Dr. Décio Mion Jr.-1994-2001
Prof. Dr. João Egídio Romão Junior-2002-2004; 2013-2014
Prof. Dr. Jocemir Ronaldo Lugon-2005-2006
Prof. Dr. Marcus Gomes Bastos -2007-2012

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