How to submit your article


The papers must be submitted in Portuguese or English only by electronic means through the URL: Accessing this link, the system will request your username and password. If you are not registered, click on the button "I want to register" and follow the steps to register before following the article submission. In case of forgetting the password, click on the link "Remember password", the system will send you the login and access password for accessing the system on the informed e-mail.

The rules for article formatting can be found at the URL Studies involving human beings or animals must mandatorily inform the protocol approval number of the study by the Ethics Committee of the institution where it was developed.

The electronic submission process by SGP is composed by eight steps, whose are:

1st: Area and Classification

2nd: Title and Keywords

3rd: Authors and Co-Authors

4th: Abstract and Comments

5th: Manuscript

6th: Images

7th: Copyright (Assignment of Rights)

8th: Author's Approval

By the end of the submission process, the system will give the option of saving a copy of the paper in the ".doc" extension for personal control. The journal strongly recommends the authors to submit papers previously prepared in WordPerfect, Microsoft Word or Pages, once that in the 5th step "Manuscript", there is a text editor that simulates Word, where is possible to copy and paste contents of any text editor, including tables. Images and graphics have their own rules, wich will be described on the 6th step.

Text formatting is unnecessary, for it shall be done automatically by the SGP System, and posteriorly in case of approval, will receive the standard JBN formatting pattern during the designing process for printing.

1st Step: Area and Classification

In this moment the author must choose and inform the article area, among the available ones in the journal database, which are: Cronical Kidney Disease, Diabetic Kidney Disease and Kidney Disease in Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome, Epidemiology, Glomerulopathies and Tubule-Interstitial Disease, Arterial Hipertension, Acute Kidney Failure, Nephrology of Children and Adolescents, Experimental Nephrology, Nephrology Perspectives, Renal Transplant and Dialysis.

Inform the classification that best suits your article among the following:

Review Article, Original Article, Update Article, Letter, Brief Communication, 10-minute Nephrology Appointment, Editorial, Clinical Trials, Mini-Review, Pro-Memory and Case Report.

2nd Step: Title and Keywords

In this step you must inform your article's English title, Portuguese title and summary title. In this moment the keywords must be related.

IMPORTANT: The keywords must be part of the DeCS and MeSH indexes, which can be easily consulted on every SGP screen.

3rd Step: Authors and Co-Authors

In this step it is invaluable to have the complete data of every author and co-author of the article. To register them, it is mandatory to inform full name, position, titration and institution on which every author is bound, only the document number can be posteriorly informed, however we highlight the importance of filling all the data on the first article submission opportunity, in order to assure the owned copyrights for every contributor. The co-author order can be easily modified using the "arrow" icons showed on the screen.

The system will not accept duplicated papers by the same name of the main author. In the hypothesis that the same work is submitted by different authors, JBN keeps the right to delete all of them form the system.

4th Step: Resumo, Abstract and Comments

The Resumo and Abstract should mandatorily contain the maximum amount of words allowed by the article classification. They also must be structured by: Introduction, Objective, Methods, Results e Conclusion.

In this step the following should be informed: Study harboring institution, name and corresponding address, Financial support and the letter to the editor, beign the last optional.

5th Step: Manuscript

In this step it is showed a Word simulator, with all the text formatting functionalities, characteristic to that editor. To insert your text on this area, simply select all your work, including tables (text format), copy and paste on the manuscript's arranging area. Do not copy and paste the images, they will be sent on the 6th step and inserted automatically by the end of the submission.

It is extremely important that ALL THE TABLES part of the article are in text format, NOT IMAGE.

PS: In no hypothesis put the author or co-author names, or any other information that can identify where the study was developed (Institution, Hospital, etc.), this demand is due to the double-blind review process. The unfulfillment of this demand will result in the devolution of your article with a "NON-COMPLIANT" indication, to be corrected, and consequently delaying the final publishment, in case of approval.

6th Step: Images

The images must be in the JPG or TIFF formats, have at least a 1000 pixels width and a 300 DPI resolution. If you need to change your image's format, access the download section of SGP and download one of the Freeware programs offered for image edition.

The system sends groups of up to 5 images a time, if the need to submit more images rises, just click on the button "Send more images".

After the remittance, miniatures will be shown. Select the icon beside the image to edit the title and subtitle of each.

7th Step: Copyright (Assignment of Rights)

The SGP System provides the option of printing this copyright term, selecting the link "Print Copyright Transfer Statement", before printing, confirm if the two questions by the end of the term are answered.

After that this document must be sent to the Sociedade Brasileira de Nefrologia's head office by post or to the FAX: +55 (11) 5573-6000.

8th Step: Author's Approval

This is the last step to complete the article's submission, the author will have the option to preview his paper on the system and save a ".doc" version in his computer.

It is very important that the author select the link "Complete submission/Review" for his work to be referred to SBN's Secretariat for conference and submission confirmation.


By the end of your paper's submission, a message will be sent to the author's registered e-mail, informing if the submission was successful and the flux code of the article. If the article is "Non-compliant", the author can correct it accessing the system by the URL

It is possible to follow the processing of your article at any moment through the flux code automatically generated by the SGP, or even by your article's title.

IMPORTANT: The system generates e-mails automatically as your article is processed. It is invaluable that the SPAM filters are turned off in their respective providers, or that the e-mail account be configured to ACCEPT any message of the JBN's domain. For more information about how to configure your spam filter, please contact your access provider.


In the hypothesis of your article containing any spread sheet, convert it to a table using Word (or Wordperfect), copy and paste it on the 5th step submission screen.

If your article have any graphics, convert them to JPG image format or TIFF using the specifications indicated on the 6th step.

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