Internationalization of our Journal: the new Brazilian Journal of Nephrology (Jornal Brasileiro de Nefrologia)

Since the indexation of our Journal in Medline and the worldwide exposition of our  scientific production, we have embarked on a new phase of consolidation. With this goal in mind we have taken some steps in that direction:
  • our Journal became the Brazilian Journal of Nephrology (Jornal Brasileiro de Nefrologia).
  • We have a new lay-out and a new site:
  • The language of our BJN be it online or the printed version will be in English.
  • However, on our online version we will have a PDF version of all articles in Portuguese
  • To comply with SciELO rules, our Editorial Board has  now 30% of its members from abroad
  • We have an uptaded version of our software for submission of papers
  • We are informing SLANH and other  affiliated Latin American Societies of these changes, hoping to receive papers from other countries
  • All these measures will help us to get an Impact Factor from the Institute for Scientific Information (Thomson Reuters)

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